Thursday, 30 June 2011

Internet searching

Internet for Dentistry and Oral Health | Welcome |

Just came across this helpful module on how to use the internet efficiently to find information. It is very clearly presented and takes you through why you might want to improve your efficiency in searching the internet for stuff and how to do it.

The point on page 25 about the privilege of access to loads of information while you're at university probably won't make sense until you qualify and don't have it any more - but they're right.

Page 35 helps sort out your questioning and search terms and page 52 is a reasonable example of what can go wrong when you're not clued up.

Finally, on page 53 there are links to a couple of other resources that I have found useful when searching for evidence, notably Web of Knowledge (you'll need your university login) and NHS Evidence (that's open access).

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